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Cloud based solutions combines modern techniques including human design, agile development and highly automated software build pipelines with modern, cloud-centric architectures. Cloud based application platforms, sometimes called platform-as-a-service (PaaS), enables rapid application development and deployment using cloud infrastructure, while also providing the robust scalability, health monitoring and dynamic provisioning required for webscale operations. The need to innovate new products and services quickly at scale, using a combination of integrated technologies, requires a modern approach. The business goal of cloud based solutions is to enable organizations to rapidly deliver innovative software to end users in shortest time.

Enterprises and government agencies can accelerate time to market for innovative software, take advantage of elastic infrastructure, and reduce operational costs by moving the right workloads to a cloud based applications. Cloud environments demonstrate the promise of scaling and cost reduction, but moving applications to the cloud requires time and resources. These platforms eliminate hardware and infrastructure constraints, allowing greater agility and automation to exploit the cloud. When organizations build and operate in a cloud based fashion, they bring new ideas to the market faster in a web-scale operations.

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Aaryan Tech helps organizations transform their application development capabilities to use cloud based solutions to deliver new products and services at pace and scale. We work with diverse teams, end users, business owners, industry experts, designers and technology experts to develop services that users desire, are viable for the business and are technologically feasible.